Vacation in the Philippines (24-09-15)

Went to Philippines Clark. Took the Jeepney around. The few terms I have learnt in Tagalog is Selamat, which is like thank you. On the Jeepney if you are at the terminal you buy some coloured tickets. Then if you are on the road you just pay the driver. The price is around 8 pesos. When you are paying you say ba yet. Then want you want to stop you say para. The internet here isn’t too good. I am downloading some pictures on thinkstock and its abit slow. The mobile signal here is not too good. In the hotel room sometimes I don’t get signal at all. Inside establishment you don’t always get signal as well. Then lte/3g data on mobile is pretty bad. Quite a few places you get E which I think is like 2g and plenty of times you can’t get whatsapp and facebook messenger working. Some of the eateries give free wifi but sometimes you just can’t connect to it. I suppose they need to refresh because they have been giving connections to too many people or they need an additional access point because the current access point is not able to handle the load.

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