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Infinilogy is a web solution that we have previously built for a customer that is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and sales client. it taps into microsft sql server database to retrieve information and stores retrieved data into a mysql database. . Our customer’s requirement was to have a solution that integrates with their accounting software in places that it was lacking in. Therefore infinilogy was built on areas that are more in-depth and and involves up to date inventory status. Packing, delivery and after sales management were all integrated.

For inventory.

We did a stock level monitoring. It was a system that auto refreshes itself with the newest set of data every 10 mins. It presents the purchase with different pre-calculated fields for their analysis to do inventory monitoring. After implementing the solution. Sales no longer needs to highlight items that are low in stock and purchasers no longer need to go through the highlighted list. Saving our customer precious time and manpower.

infinilogy - stock level monitoring

For overseas purchaser

We did a overseas purchaser module.

We created a overseas item master list. In which the overseas purchaser could select which items was overseas from the accounting software system. After in which the overseas purchaser could key in the details of the imported item. The invoice number. The permits. The container that the item was bought in. All these are easily available in our web app.

For local purchasers

We did driver delivery timing, packer packing timing, stock level monitoring…collaboration between packers, delivery, purchase and sales. Areas like notification of shortage of items to pack from packers to purchasers. Collaboration of collection of goods from drivers to purchasers and sales. Returning of used pallets from customers to store. It also helps purchase to manage items that are bought and used internally.

Some screenshots..


Dabaouncle is an food online ordering system


Schoolwerkz is a platform for pre schools teachers to communicate with parents.

mayson ordering system:

mayson ordering system is day to day ordering management system for a retail bakery. that tracks delivery. wasteages and usage per outlet

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