Archive | August, 2015

Importance of systems (06-08-15)

These few days we have been spending time looking into our infinilogy system. We have been studying into processes and designing new modules for infinilogy system. If we don’t have proper systems then things become messy and it becomes hard to find and when we don’t use it and remember we often forget where things […]

brother p-touch d400ad (06-08-15)

        just unpackaged my brother p-touch D400AD. Bought it because thought it will be useful for labelling stuff. When into the internet to look at label printers they seem to say that brother has a better quality labels vs casios but labels for brother are more expensive. It also seems to be able label […]

my smelly sony z2 casing (06-08-15)

Well I think the casing absorbs sweat and smell so it really smells weird after being in my bag for quite sometime. *I do all these as an expertiment so do not blame me if the case spoils or something* I tried to rinse with just dettol soap but it doesn’t work. Then I use […]