Archive | June, 2019

No Bluetooth it seems. Kinda of need audio jack for mobile. They use some kind of USB wireless adapter to transmit the sound. It’s pretty heavy so you probably need put on top of ur head to make sure it doesn’t fall off. Noise cancelling it says. When it wear it. It gets warm around […]


Hero wars (18-06-19)

Basically the similar games you get outside. Go through 3 stages with your 5 characters. Multiple ways to upgrade them. Level up. Skill up. Skins. If you want to raid stages you need to spend some money just buy anything and you will be able to raid stages. Daily quest. Get exp and money and […]

1st phrama isopropyl alcohol (19-06-19)

It’s 60ml with guava extract. Isopropyl alcohol is very much used here. Pretty much used for sanitizer. Quite a few brands. Green Cross, etc. Says guava extract helps with healing. The spray is pretty helpful. Good to buy if you need something small or a spray. Can buy a bigger bottle and transfer if you […]