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Havelock ll / havelock 2 (17-11-18)

Went exploring again Plenty of shops were not open. Still there was some old antique collectables up in the top floor. Also a few toy stores. There was an art shop and redemption centre. There was also link to hong lim park and i was kidding with my friend after protest the people can come […]

112 bm market & food centre & shenton way golden brige roasted chicken rice (珊頓道金橋燒臘雞飯)& lu jiang soy bean, bean curd, grass jelly (17-11-18)

Went to tiong baru central food centre. It was overly crowded because my friend says. Wet market is until 2. So we went to 112 bm market & food centre. He introduced me to this chicken rice stall. I think its more of a roasted meat stall. My friend says there is a lot of […]


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