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Morning breakfast at corus hotel (14-12-17)

Frankly I think buffets out of singapore are mostly crap. Malaysia also seems to serve crap buffets. Decorations here are quite awesome though. They had toast and cornflakes. Which is pretty alright because if you screw those up you screwed up big time. There was also lasi lemak but I didn’t try. Seems that the […]

WordPress iphone uploading images error / failed to insert media / WordPress.WordPressOrgXMLRPCApiError error 1 and cleaning up of corrupted media (15-12-17)

To often I have problems like these. What I feel is wordpress is trying to resize your image again. While on the web it works fine but on the phone app. This is sometimes what happens. Solution seems to be basically after it is working ok. Sometimes you still get errors because perhaps you trying […]