Archive | April, 2016

lens problem (30-04-16)

Was going overseas today so when i was going for an event i brought only 1 lens out. But after taking a few photos I found the pictures were not sharp. Lesson to learn. Keep another lens in spare just in case you need it. I guess the lens always had some problem. Everytime i […]

Using shadowprotect drive letters are different after restore/diskpart (06-04-16)

So I was restoring and found out today the drive letters was mixed up and as usual bootmgr was popping up with some ntldr is missing error. So I to do some searching. resource: Drive letters are reversed after restore. So basically you will find disk partition in booting into the recovery environment cd […]

Ba guan (05-04-16)

*Do not take this as real medical advice. Consult your doctor. I am not responsible for any mishaps. This is just my personal experience.* I have been using the ba guan as of recent. Have been ba guaning on my back and even on my forehead. People around me are telling me of the blue […]