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Kangen water (16-06-17)

Recently I was introduced to kangen water by a friend. So basically he is selling the filter which can produce kangen water. There are multiple water filters you can purchase they range from 1000+ to 10000+. Different filters with different amounts of plates produce different oxidation of water that’s what I heard but basically they […]

Coinbase and coinhako (16-06-17)

Recently into crypto currency so studying into it. So two places I found you can buy crypto currency is coinbase and coinhako. Coinbase has a lower limit you can buy but the fees they charge is lower. Coinbase has a higher limit you can buy but the fees they charge is higher. Both of them […]

Grab vs uber singapore (16-06-17)

Was going to the airport today so was checking grab and uber to see which was the higher rates. I think sometimes grab is cheaper and sometimes uber is cheaper. Last time i think it was around 11pm my friend was calling uber frim bukit timah to tiong baru and it was cheaper to use […]

pro life vs pro choice (04-06-17)

Pro life arguments A fetus is a human life. It has it’s own rights. It is murder.   Pro choice arguments When is a fetus considered a life? In practical to make abortions illegal as it has been statically shown that they get done by back lane alley doctors if illegal. The rights of the […]

The truth about child labour

We think we are doing good by stopping purchases from countries with child labor. Think again. A lot of these developing countries require everyone to work in order to provide food for the family. By stopping trading with them means the whole family starve maybe even death from starvation. Just between work and certain death […]