Avermedia Game  Capture HD 2 review

Checking of hdd failed. It still booted into the Operating system but there was an exclaimation mark at the storage unit icon. Most of the functions was unusable. Closed the power on the device and unplugged and re plugged the hdd. Then powered on. The hdd check passed. I suppose it just needs a reboot or it just needs a little power off to cool down the hdd.


App for iphone Gamemate

 basically you can use it like a remote control. It doesn’t seem that you can playback the clips on your phone i think it will do so on the tv


Testing the game capture hd 2 composite with the veolo4k. The display out was in black and white.


Had some problems with recording lost a portion of my gameplay recording. Maybe you would have to make sure the game capture device starts up properly and the recording time shows up. I also noticed that after 5 seconds into recording the screen flickers blue for a second like signal lost then comes back again.


Copied the files out of the avermedia game capture hd 2. seems to stuck at half way, i left it copying for like 8 hours or more, or its just copying really slow out. Probably better to take the internal hdd and put it as external hdd as transfering of files would be way easier as you can plug out the external hdd and plug it in to another computer and access the files. You can’t seem to access the files via network. network only seems to let you use your phone as a remote control or let you upload to youtube or so.