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I am a supporter of preserving your wealth. What other way to preserve your wealth than to buy some precious metals

Give us a ring if you are interested in using wifi to do advertisement or would like to sell wifi internet vouchers.

Interested in some crypto, sign up for under me and if you pledge 50 MCO I and you will both get 50 USD. Then you also get some nice  benefits if you pledge 500 MCO

This is for singtel dash, mostly for singapore to philippines, useful if you remit to philippines also to top up your globe load in philippines, basically you get something if you sign up from here (my thoughts on it):

Do a purchase of products from this website. Shop

Frankly I am guilty of not uploading anything there as most of the posts are updated via webpage

Sign up for some of deals through us. We earn through referral too


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Dyndns – I do hope they have a referral program but they do give me 30% if I refer three or so they say. They are basically used if have a dynamic address and want to link your dynamic ip address to a name.
This is my code. RFESQ6FR1
I suppose you use it at your check out



When the person you refer ships their first order you will both receive $10 towards future shipments! basically this is what I get for referring
My review on reship: Reship review

Envato (purchase of web software, wordpress plug-ins, etc)


Cyberlockers review

Rapidgator review

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