Archive | January, 2016

Organise your task (23-01-16)

Just a few days ago. I was on youtube then I heard something on how smart people are under performing. It was saying to have 3 task for today. Then there was mid term goals and Long term goals. There are many things we want to achieve but we need to organise them. Document them. […]

FengOffice (22-01-16)

(22-01-16) I have been playing around with fengoffice for the past few days. For now I am only using Fengoffice to put up task. Adding web document links to Fengoffice. Wondering why they don’t show up if you don’t use workspace. Then also trying to find a backup solution for fengoffice. Looking at the templates. […]

the reason to develop systems

These few days I have been deep into developing infinilogy. Systems are developed, data is collected in order to reach a conclusion and the analysis and insight that it provides. The cost of building the system are usually huge and not justifiable in the short terms. But they pave the road for future generations to […]

recent updates (09-01-15)

Have been lazy to do a post. I guess I rather be looking into why the program is not working then writing up a blog post. Have been working up on doing demo servers for infinilogy. Setting up of clone source servers to pull data and study how the application works. Setting up of old […]

slow virtual box (09-01-16)

Recently have been dealing with putting up demo server for developer to work with on developing infinilogy. So have been using shadow protect to clone one out of production for development usage. Because of the setting of microsoft sql to use more than 15gig of ram has cause the system to lag to a halt. […]