Archive | October, 2015

On my way to philippines again on tigerair (30-10-15)

I find I do appreciate the additional leg room I have on the flight. Good thing my friend booked for me the seat with the additional leg room. It is at the exit row of the craft so have to help with evac but its fine. On the air craft it gives you time to […]


cloudexpo (29-10-15)

Went to the cloud expo at suntec. Also started repair of readynas nv+ which is prompting bad firmware. I deleted all my hdds into blank hdd and inserted them into the readynas nv+ I held the reset button for 30 secs to get it into factory reset mode. 5 secs will get readynas to re […]

Romoss e-usb (23-10-15)

Just yesterday I went online to look for accessories for my eusb sofun 6 which I bought quite sometime ago. It’s a 15600mAh battery which you can use to charge your laptop and phone. I am using a macbook pro retina so I went online to look for the accessories. I found online that they […]

Wifi camera app (14-10-15)

Every now and then I find something new and fun to play with. So this time I thought why not try to find an app on the android that can link to the iphone camera. I guess there are but I wasn’t too successful. Most of the apps are like linking iphone to iphone and […]

Scansnap fujitsu (14-10-15)

Went to sim lim again today to visit friends, look at stuff. Thought of buying additional camera packs for my synology ds415+. In the end scansnap was again recommended by the shop owner I am always buying from. Scansnap is a scanner that is made by fujitsu. Scanners are common. There are many multi function […]