earin review


My earin earbuds stopped after 20 mins of use again. When I started playing the next youtube video, audio was coming out of the iphone. I wonder if it has got to do bluetooth pairing. I have the earbuds in the dock but I have left them in there for a few days to a week maybe it is losing charge?

while at orchard road the connection also got interrupted a few times


Breaking of the bluetooth seems to happen and when the connection breaks you seem to have to put it in the dock and take it out again to make the bluetooth connection re pair itself. You only seem to need to put in the left ear bud into the dock then take it out again then it will re pair itself. No need to out in the right.


suddenly my left ear bud stopped having sound but my right ear bud is still working. After a little trial and error it seems to be the problem of the source. I am using youtube and when playing music on my oplayer and other youtube video it was fine


dropped my casing sometime ago on the road. It dropped out of my pocket. 

while these are my mistakes. Its easy to get dents and scratches and there aren’t casing for it like iphone or samsung other than pouches i suppose. So gotta take care of it