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Cavefall ios and android mobile game review (17-11-18) Its similar to those games where you just avoid obstacles until you die. You get orange orbs in the game to buy power ups You get notes along the way to unlock new stages it seems. Advertisements


Best fiends forever (01-05-18)

Well another review of a game. Another tapping game similar to tap titans. You upgrade your “fiends” When you get the drone with a “pokeball”. You open to see what bonus you get. You can watch an ad to double the effect. Timer for boss. Time to use your specials. If you don’t do enough […]

Fastlane Game (02-06-17)

Well started playing this game. It seems like a pretty well done up game. How I got to know this game was that I was playing other game and it was another game advertisement. The game works on a energy basis where after x time u get energy for one round. Strategy for the game. […]