Look back at infinilogy (24-09-15)

Looking back at the infinilogy  project brings me tears of joy sweat and blood of not just me but also the developers, the users that have been with me through the journey. The modules we have neglected because we were developing on other projects or because because we were working on other parts. The mistakes we made. The complains that we had for the user. The times we can’t really find the root of the problem. The times we feel helpless and being shouted by the users for the downtime. The times users were thinking the program was hopeless because the are fundamental bugs that keep screwing up the user. The times when we made a change that affected the other things and user was saying why we didn’t do it in the weekend and we said we didn’t have the time to test. The hours we have spent discussing about the problem. The times that we didn’t understand each another. The hundred and thousands of hours we have spent together on this project to make it what it is now. These are the times I think custom projects to do such systems can never be cheap because it is the time, determination of everyone involved in the project to make it a success. The users, the process designers, the debuggers, the developers, the designers and everyone involved the time, blood and sweat they have poured into the project cannot be counted by just money alone. The development of Infinilogy will therefore always be my pride and joy.

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