review of earin (02-02-16)

Now testing the earin wireless earbuds. Have a little scratch on the right earbud i suspect it is scratched from the charging dock since it is 3 pins. I also have some problems where the right side of the bud has no sound. It seems to be able to be solve by putting it into the charging dock and taking it out. Switching off and bluetooth doesn’t seem to solve the problem. By the way I am using it with my iphone 6. I was also trying out if you can move away from the iphone and still get the music. It is jerky and I was at 2 rooms away. I didn’t have that much a choice as My iphone was running out of battery and I had to charge it while I was working in the server room.

03-02-16 update

On my iphone and when into the bluetooth then i took out my earin and see if it was connected. It didn’t seem to. But when I put into my ear it seems to just pair. Maybe it detects or I should have waited a little longer if it just needs a little longer to pair.

07-02-16 update

The earbuds will pair regardless if you put into your ear. There is also sometimes where the music playback will have suddenly be louder at one side and softer at the other side its just for a short while only though. Should correct itself pretty quickly

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