What is open mesh the advantages of using open mesh.

What is open mesh the advantages

Open mesh is a wifi access point using the cloud platform.

Advantages of open mesh

  1. Mesh technology, redundant ad hoc wireless network. Especially useful when trying to deploy wifi over a wide area. This means your access points can see one another in the network. They know the fastest route. They will also fail over to another route if one route is down (if one of the access point is down it will try to connect to other access points in the network that is still online, via wired or wirelessly)
  2. Accessories that open mesh has. It has outdoor enclosure. Wall casing. Ceiling casing. POE. Allows you multiple ways you can make it look good or if you need it to weather some weather then it is a good system to choose if you have such requirements
  3. Voucher system – Allows you to create vouchers based on hours which you can use to bill customers. Examples like you are in the hotel, you can charge your guest 8 dollar for a 4 hour access voucher to connect to the guest network which has access to the internet
  4. Facebook check in internet connection – Users of the wifi would need to check in to your facebook page before they will be granted internet access
  5. Guest network and controls – You can put guest on a separate network this means more security as guest would not have access to your home/office network. You can limit the speed of the guest that is connecting. You can also kick them out after a certain amount of them and force them to login again.
  6. Cloud based configuration – You can configure your access points anywhere in the world provided you have internet
  7. 4 SSID for multiple configurations – You can have one SSID for your internal staff and one SSID for guest and another two for whichever you wish to do with it
  8. Customizable Splash Page – You can create your own splash page for when users connect to your wifi will be shown.


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