resurrecting my n4100pro (13-11-15)

My n4100pro dieded quite sometime ago. So I went online and bought a power supply in attempt to revive my n4100pro. Then I went for a vacation. So when I got back I had a mysterious parcel waiting for me. Then I thought I didn’t buy anything. When I opened it I realised it was my n4100pro power supply. I went through quite some time to try to take apart the n4100pro to replace the power supply. Tried to remove screws here and there and finally got stuck. It wasn’t as easy as replacing the fan. The trick is that you need to remove the board at the side of the nas you need to push the board all the way out from the front. Then remove the screws that are holding the bottom panel. Then after removing the 4 screws at the side you will be able to see the power supply. You will need to also remove the power supply screws at the back of the nas then take out the power supply to do the replacement. After replacement I suppose I didn’t connect the front panel properly since I was tearing everything apart. I readjusted the connector and put it back it and it was working fine again. Then I on the device it was showing uP Ver:004 Booting.. Well when I have time tomorrow I will try to troubleshoot it again. On a side note I found the battery on the board to.

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