Overheating car (13-11-15)

Was driving my mum’s car because my own car has died since I went on vacation had to call to get the battery replaced. So when I drove over to the office and then to the mall it was showing the engine was overheating. We parked at the mall and had dinner and then came back to the car again. Drove for a little while then it was overheating again. I stopped at the petrol kiosk and saw that the coolant was running low. Then I just googled and youtube to see how I could solve the problem. I tried to find how to open the bonnet. Then I figured out it was the black lever which didn’t really had any drawings like a bonnet open. Open the bonnet went to the petrol kiosk to buy coolant then I waited for the car to cool down like 45- 1 hour. On somewhere it also says to minimum wait for 30 mins for the engine to cool down Be cautious on trying to open the radiator to add the coolant. Then I feel my hand over to see if the engine was emit much heat. By then I felt it should be ok to open the raidator. I turned the cap on the black looking container to open the radiator cap then I added the coolant that I bought from the petrol kiosk. Apparently it wasn’t really enough as it was complaining it was low on coolant still then I drove home and parked it there. Then the next day my mum called the car shop. The car shop instructed her to add the radiator full of water. Online also says that you can add water if you are out of coolant and you can open the heater as if you on the air con it would stress on the engine and make it heat up much faster.

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