pro life vs pro choice (04-06-17)

Pro life arguments

A fetus is a human life. It has it’s own rights. It is murder.


Pro choice arguments

When is a fetus considered a life?

In practical to make abortions illegal as it has been statically shown that they get done by back lane alley doctors if illegal.

The rights of the women to her own body. This is what I is in conflict in the libertarian views. At the same time a baby’s life is viewed as a human life. There is still an acknowledgement that the women has the right to her own body and that the child is inconviencing the mother. Sometimes giving birth has also cost the mother’s life. 


Alot of people seem to think that abortion are usually wrong unless in special circumstances like the baby maybe deform or have disabilities. Or in cases of rape. But abortion should still be legal. And there is also this opinion that tax payer’s money should not be used to fund abortion which i agree.   



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