Quan zhi gao shou anime review (16-06-17)

I think this is a pretty good anime. It is a chinese anime. Here I will talk about some of the story so there will be some spoilers to explain the start of the story. Basically the main character is a god player in the game. Because his club finds that he doesn’t have commerical value like what he knows himself. He is booted out of the club. His account and character was handled over to this new player that the club got. All the money that he earn while in the club was said to be used to help the other players who were booted out of clubs and only knew how to play games and had no skills. So he had to sign a termination of contract (which he had to retire) with the club because he didn’t want to hang around and become training partners with the newbies. He walked in the cold until he ended up in a internet cafe where he sat down and saw an ad that they were hiring and decided to work there. Then on he started a new character with an custom weapon. This is a story about how he met the other top players and climbed back to the top.

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