Wifi camera app (14-10-15)

Every now and then I find something new and fun to play with. So this time I thought why not try to find an app on the android that can link to the iphone camera. I guess there are but I wasn’t too successful. Most of the apps are like linking iphone to iphone and android phone to android phone. So far haven’t met with much success and I haven’t found an app that you can use the other phone to choose the area that you want to focus on the remote phone camera.

(14-10-15 update)

been testing with teamviewer quick support app. It allows you to remote control your android but not IOS iphone. I am testing on teamviewer 8 so I am not sure the later versions work or not. So it is possible to log in using teamviewer quick support then go to ur android camera and use it as a remote camera app. The draw back is you need to use the pc version as the mobile teamviewer versions would not allow u to do this.

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