On my way to philippines again on tigerair (30-10-15)

I find I do appreciate the additional leg room I have on the flight. Good thing my friend booked for me the seat with the additional leg room. It is at the exit row of the craft so have to help with evac but its fine. On the air craft it gives you time to disconnect from the world and give you time to think what you can do in this disconnected time. You can load your phone/tablet/computer with videos, music, reading articles. You can buy a book at the airport and read it on the flight. You can close your eyes and sleep. You can think and write what you want to do. I didn’t have internet then and wordpress app still worked. It could save locally just that without internet it was bugging me when I edited. So i turned to using notes to do some article write up. Constantly I keep thinking about cache copy on your phone and sync when you have connection.

When i reach the airport I tried to use my old sim but it was already de activated. They told me globe was better so I went with globe. They told me there was a 15 days package for unlimited data which they activated for me but there was some problems. They tried activating 2 times and when I was on the taxi back it reported abuse and didn’t activated the package end up I have to do so myself while on regular data rates. Looked at the plans many times couldn’t really find the package. I ended up buying the unlimited 5 days data surf for 200 peso. 


At pancake house again. Order waffles this time. I expected the waffle to be harder and crispier but it is slightly cripsy and somewhat fluffy with again banana inside the crust. Globe reception is somewhat with full bars there was a problem though. Too many people 

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