trip to china (04-10-16)

We landed at chang sha hunan airport at around 12pm. The train to our location wasn’t set to move until 5pm so we got 5 hours. Went around didnt seem to find place that sells sim card. After that we took a taxi to train station which we queue like an hour to get the tickets. I guess just count it. Again we checked the place to sell sim card but it didnt seem like anyone sold sim card. We ended up at xing yu fu rong da fan dian, i think it was called fu rong grand hotel. 

When to try to get a sim card one of the stalls tell me only ic can do, at another shop I could do it with my passport but the problem was they seem to only have wcdma sim cards only. So couldn’t get the sim card as it couldn’t work with the phone. 

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