Synology DS Note (03-05-16)(11:06pm)

When in clark because of smart and also limited connectivity I have come across to use an app that allows you to sync back to your database. Because of jetpack it seems smart’s 3g ip is being flagged for violations.

(04-05-16) 10:10pm

At sometime it seems that I have a problem adding to the note. When I typing it doesn’t appear until a while later.

Seems to come across somewhat that makes a super long note I have no idea what causes this. I copied over the data on the old note to a new note and deleted the old note.

(07-05-16 08:05 am update)

checked for ds note for windows, because I was thinking of using my px to cut and paste the blog entries I have typed but there isn’t an app for ds note for windows

(20-05-16 update)

I think I thought DS note screwed up but I think it is my xperia keyboard that is screwing up. Can try to solve the problem by downloading google keyboard from google app store.

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