star ocean 5 integrity and faithlessness review and gametips

this game has been around for sometime now. I have also been dying quite a few times now. Then the game after you play a while seems to be a run here. run there game. When u die u don’t get to retry you just game over. Also easy isn’t that easy either. and also gameplay strategy depends on the roles assigned to them. Aim the weaker enemies and clear them off first. Boss fights seem difficult and if your characters die it becomes more difficult and it also seems the AI goes after the casters which makes it hard too. Then if you die at boss fight its a game over. I can’t help but repeat that.

also the annoying red save points that stop you from saving. Then plenty of times they make u fight 2 rounds before saving as well. It’s like fight you appear back in inn. But they refuse to let you save and make you go into battle. Then you die game over. Start from the previous save spot, fight then watch the scenario again then fight again. Also another tip. Kill the big ass machinery vs the casters in the krono lab. They do huge damage but they die pretty quickly. As I play along I find those big ass machine gun machinery a problem. They don’t have huge hp but they kinda of take out the characters too fast. Hell I don’t even have problems with the bosses but I have problems with them.

21-07-16 update

 I just finished the game. I got to say the game sucks more than star ocean 4. I read online the sales isn’t too good. I am not puzzled why. Frankly I think the graphics lose to Star ocean 4, the gameplay script seems shorter than Star Ocean 4, the gameplay sucks compared to star ocean 4 i think i was either dying less or I had some way to save. Then frankly I liked the star ocean 4 story more than the star ocean 5. 

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