Server hardware upgrading (24-03-16)

Upgrading a client’s server today. Added 6 pieces of 8 gig kingston ram to the server and also changed 2 of the existing WD Black to Sandisk 1 TB (960gb). Used shadow protect to do data migration of the database drive. Then needed to installed the recovery environment again which makes you go to the website to key in your shadow protect cd key to get the setup files after installing the Rebuilder which is meant for windows it also starts installing windows adk which you need to find the recovery environment on windows. After installation of windows adk it prompts you to restart. After trying to run the recovery environment cd it was unsuccessful maybe it is because I was trying to run the 32bit version. If I have additional time someday maybe I will continue to go and try out the 64bit version. I was also trying out multi platform linux cd but I ended up getting stuck seems like my monitor wasn’t showing anything when I tried to load it. I ended up just booting into windows then I had to shrink the volume as the previous drive was 2 TB and I am now moving them over to 1 TB SSD. Also windows 2008 r2 standard edition limitation is 32 gb

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