Reinstallation of windows 7 on PC then moving to windows 10 (24-04-16)

Recently I keep getting failed sent messages that was sending from my PC. I queried with google support and it seems my account was hacked. So I changed my password and that happened again. This is when I decided to do a clean re install and move up to windows 10 in the meantime. I first put in the windows disk then I formatted the windows partition which gave me an error says gpt not supported or something. I went to delete all the partitions then proceeded to create then it allowed me. This is on windows 7. After installing windows I keep getting a 9C error on the bottom right corner of the screen. Googled a bit on it, it says it was a common problem for  this brand of boards. My board is MSI B85M ECO. For me I just hit the reset button which it ended up booting properly. After windows 7 installation I found out the network driver was not installed. After that all went to install cpu z to find out what was the board I was using then I downloaded the network driver from another computer then transferred it to a usb drive then plugged in the usb drive to the computer installed the network driver. After network driver installation I downloaded the windows 10 upgrade installer. The installer seems to be commonly stuck at the running windows update. Googled again and found some cheat, which was to stop the windows update service and start it again.

go to run. cmd. right click run as administrator.

net stop wuauserv.

net start wuauserv.


I repeated the steps a few times along the way when the upgrade process was taking a little long. After a while I got the cannot continue because windows was not activated and was told to key in the cd key. Which went keying in the cd key on the cd did not work. It was an oem version of windows 7. Called into microsoft to activate the license. Which is 9 sets of 6 figures which is a lot. At first I was using voice but I got stuck at one set where entering the right figures kept prompting it was incorrect until it told me to either talk to customer service or call again. It was off office hours so customer service so not around so I called back. I suppose it had to do with it getting the figures wrong at some part of the combination. The second time I called I did the whole process through keying in my phone number pad and it got through. After activating I went to run the windows 10 upgrade process again which I had to net stop and start the windows upgrade service. Then it starts installing windows 10 then it reboots a few times with the 9C error which i just press on the reset button. Finally I was in windows 10 then my network died again. The network adapter was there but it was always identifying the network. It couldn’t get the right ip address and when you run diagnostics it was saying some protocol was missing was something. It also seems like the intel drivers for the network was replaced by microsoft drivers. I uninstalled my network adapter and reinstalled my network adapter then it was reporting correctly (had to uninstall because it was reporting already exist and cannot install), video drivers, etc

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