Problem with infinilogy 3 (The current state of development)

I got to say that the way infinilogy was developed introduced many dependencies and was pretty ambitious. Firstly the server we are pulling on is a mssql server. Secondly its on a different server. Then there are a lot of other problems that come into play even though it’s part of the job to handle it. There is apache, there is php each with so many different configurations and possibilities. There is the odbc. Then there is also the mysql. Then not to mention there are the browsers. Each of the browsers works slightly different from each another some code works on some and some code doesn’t work on others. Some code yield different result on different browsers. Each of them are like several hundred pages of documentation some even thousands. Some of them u need to test out to know how they work as well. Then you have to go to internet to do research most likely because the you don’t have enough information about how they work with the documentation they give you and need more example and info. Then they also link to each another. There are settings in each that points to the other for example in php.ini, maximum post size. maximum execution time.

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