My thoughts on locky ransomware (22-03-16)

It address an age old problem power of user, ease of use and security. Let me explain. There are situations when in the office when the office users ask why they cannot install this why they cannot install that, there are times that programmers seem to made their application require administrator on the system in order for this to work correctly. Then comes the problem of malicious ransom ware and virus that comes in through email. User just click then also if macro was not enable. They also click. Then recently locky ransom ware encrypts all ur files when you do that. It teaches many people a great deal of lesson. DO NOT ANYHOW CLICK ATTACHMENTS. EXE ARE DANGEROUS. VBS ARE DANGEROUS. BAT ARE DANGEROUS. DO NOT ENABLE MARCOS UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECCESSARY. MALICIOUS EMAIL USUALLY LIKE TO COME IN AS INVOICES. EVEN SOME OF THEM TRY TO COME IN AS YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME. THEY MIGHT NOT GET DETECTED AS VIRUS WHEN THEY COME IN, SO DO NOT THINK THAT THEY ARE NOT FLAGGED AS VIRUS YOU HAPPY JUST CLICK. DO NOT GIVE USER ADMIN RIGHTS IF THEY DO NOT NEED IT. IF THEY NEED IT THEY NEED TO KNOW ADMIN RIGHT COMES WITH A GREAT DEAL OF RESPONSIBILITY.

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