Megadimension neptunia v 2 (26-03-16)

Just started out on this game. Got it like before I got digimon cyber sleuth but since I started on cyber sleuth first. This game was on the back burner for qutie a while now. Got a second hand one as these games I usually complete and after that I leave them hanging around. I am always hoping that neptunia had something like a super easy mode or something but after playing I find that this kind of options never exist. The past few neptunia’s I have been playing ends up harder the second round u play it. A lot of the game replay value seems to be in the japanese version as there are a lot of downloadable dungeons in the japanese version as this game is originally a japanese game. Well as neptunia comes around, save often and prepare to die every and now then after that you will go into training mode and start battle with enemies to gain credits(money) and exp to level up. Then also in this game. You will find that you often run back to “town” as running back to town instantly recovers all your hp and sp. And SP recovery items are expensive. Buy up some recover items hp and sp also new equipment if u have the money(for bosses). Go to configure your combo every now and then it will help you with dealing more damage with the mobs. Also I think it makes sense to put your most damaging skills at the front instead in the back order. You run to gain some additional stats and also you should switch leaders and run around too for the other characters to gain additional stats. Also the number of times that character finishes the enemy also gains u additional stats. I think symbol attacks aka symbol or preemptive strikes also give u additional stats. Also usually there is a safe point to the next boss fight. The mob near the save point usually pisses me off though. Remember to heal up (hp and sp) before heading over to the boss. Usually when fighting the boss I spam my skills go into hdd mode. Spam ex skills if possible. Then at near the end I have one character being the healer/item user to heal up the character give it sp so it can continue to spam skills. As for storylines. Read the others before the ! as when you read the exclamation marks it progresses with the story and some of the other dialogues gets lost. Also the eject button seems to be pretty useful. It gets you out of the dungeon instantly.


There are certain monsters that you need to formation skill to break.

Just completed Zero dimension, probably now on the main storyline, Again I find myself trying to increase the shares aka doing guild quest to gain shares for neptunia as I don’t know when the story advance does the simple to do quest disappear or something.


Now playing the golden third nep nep’s story. Nep nep’s story isn’t too difficult due to the training of neptune from zero dimension I suppose.


Was playing with noire, when you start with a new character storyline it seems your items go up in poof. So you would have to rebuy them, like healing, sp charager and also eject button. What you seem to have seems to be money though. It seems harder than it should be for noire, I am hiding from enemies a lot of times because that could mean between life and death, I suppose that noire maybe the most difficult character to finish up. Uni’s attack is range which pretty much makes it a pain because you need to be a distance from the enemy in order to attack them. Then also when using neptune you get IF and compa but when noire you are usually like alone noire or noire with uni which is like only 2 characters. I did die a lot more than when I was using neptune. Then with K sha spamming her full power attack which usually one hit me. The trick here is to stick near to K sha. If you stick close she will not use full power skill on you. Also uni’s multi support skill is pretty useful. Also I found out the last battle, comprises of 2 battles. The first battle you can wipe the robo enemy’s ass by just using normal attacks then heal them up with cheapo healing grass or something when you have K Sha in golden mode you should have almost full hp and sp, then you use your skills. Keep uni close to her and use skills to attack as if you use uni’s normal attack on her you will probably end up one-shot by her full power skill. So if you want to use uni to attack you can use venom or paralyse skill. I use multi support from uni as I find that when I use my character takes a lot less damage. It’s just that it seems the enemy cpu seems to be attacking your weak characters most of the time sometimes don’t even have time to heal before your character dies.


Finally finished with noire’s storyline. Now starting with blanc. when you start with a new character storyline it seems your items go up in poof. So you would have to rebuy them, like healing, sp charager and also eject button. I have a guess this might be the easiest character to finish up. The enemies even seem to drop sp charger.



Might be good to head to the Colosseum to do some battles and level up your characters. The battles are repeatable but the challenge rewards are not repeatable. You do get your credits though.



Just completed. At the end it tells me to go back to title screen or new game plus I ended up choosing title screen it just brought me to the title screen before saving. So I suppose it should be better to choose the new game plus.

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