demographic winter (03-03-16)

I have been meaning to write this for quite sometime now. I just have some problems with arranging my thoughts. population decline. COE will go down. property will go down. Many other things remain uncertain to me. Our property prices rising is due to the assumption that there will be more and more people the supply of land is limited people will always need land to stay and work therefore price of land will go up but in a population decline there won’t be so much people to occupy the space, the apartments built, the shops and office spaces. The price of cars in singapore is based on the assumption that there is a lot of traffic on the road. Less people means less cars means less traffic means no reason for erp and coe for too much traffic. We can produce enough for everyone to eat it just seems we choose not to. We are using energy more efficiently due to advancement to techology and we will be using less when there is less people to consume the energy. We will have more old people to take care off with lesser young people to earn the dough. We probably may have to tweak the social benefits as taxing the young wouldn’t be enough to pay for eldery. Charging huge rental wouldn’t make that much sense as the crowd would decrease with an increase of land to rent out. Supply would likely to increase in pretty much all aspects but demand would fall. We pretty much in for it so chillax, live life to the fullest, take a backseat and enjoy the ride

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