Configure Domain controller to accept domain name similar to self (22-01-16)

I setup fengoffice for one of our customers for them to track their task. Then because the domain name is the same as the domain controller domain name it queried the dns in the internal network instead of the worldwide web. So basically the configuration is all the pcs connect to the domain controller dns. Then the domain controller connects to the outside. It is usually ok when the domain name is not the same but when the domain is the same you usually get a error resolving address. To fix this problem. Go to Control Panel>Administrative Tools>DNS. Under the server you should see forward lookup zones. Right click, add new zone. Primary>to all domain controllers in the active directory domain is what I used. After keying in the address. Allow only secure updates is what I used. After that click into the folder of the just created zone. Right click. Add new host. Leave the name blank as it says uses parent domain name if blank. Then type in the ip address of the server you are pointing to.

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