Brother P-touch label printer (PT-2730) (21-08-15)

My colleague wanted a label printer for the office so I left my old brother p-touch label printer d400ad (06-08-15) at the office and got myself a new one. I got myself a Brother P-touch PT-2730. It was a lot pricier then the d400ad model so I wondered what was so special about it. The PT-2730 can print 24mm and up to 4 lines whereas the d400ad can only print up to 18mm. It is also equipped with a auto cutter. It can also connect to your computer to print. After using the PT-2730 I can only say that it wastes label. It always cuts labels when you are using small margin then if you use big margins then you have a lot of blank margin at the left and right of your label. Every time you cut you are always label. I didn’t have that problem with the d400ad and the manual cutter.

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