Vanna Hotel / Red doorz premium Korean Town Angeles City Clark Philippines – executive suite (03-06-19)

So there was an offer on agoda. What am I talking about there is always an offer on agoda. Wanted to see how the red doorz Korean Town executive suite looks like so booked a room. Also get to experience Korea Town instead of walking street.

The executive room has 2 beds. Also floor doesn’t seem too clean. Feet getting a little dirty walking around. But seems common?

TV channels. They use air cable.

They have fridge and heater here

Internet sucks here if your life depends on it don’t use it here. Maybe you get a good connection at past midnight or when no one is using it. Generally connection not too good. They also use a web portal instead of a wifi password. Its good for the hotel but usually it logs you out every so frequently?

the shower seems to have that metalic smell. Seems quite common in angeles had this a few times. I used the soap and shampoo then seems to give me itchy and i washed again with my own soap after that was better don’t know is it because of the hotel’s soap?