Our could be future (01-04-18)

We should be in the trajectory towards where a house to stay in would be relatively cheap. Food, water, electricity, distribution cost, medical would cost next to nothing but yet here we are. Real estate cost has skyrocketed. Food costs have went up. Medical have went up. What has actually went wrong. What we have been told that is because inflation is natural is wrong. In economics, they have always told us that when supply goes up and demand is constant. Prices go down. Our population has certainly grown but not at a rate that has outpaced technology. Previously we could only make one storey house. Maybe even two. Now we can make 100. We have ghost towns in many parts of the world like china. We can make basement. We have abundance of food. We have the invention of the wheel to machines like tractors to help us farm food. Irrigation the application of controlled amount of water which help us farm. Crop rotation. We have gmo which makes food easier to grow. Faster Less likely to die or even grow it in a habitat that it could not grow before. We have the invention of electricity. Power grids. Water filtering. To provide us with clean water. Washing machine. Lots of appliances that have save managed to save our time and labour. We have came up with fossil fuels, solar energy, water power, wind power, nuclear power, bio fuels. We have even improved on our efficiency to use energy like we have made air con inverters. Led lights. we now have cleared that we have majorly increased our production rate for food and houses. Why do we still have this problem of increasing prices? Why do we have inflation instead when we should be getting deflation? That is because we have forgotten what is the true sense of money. Money is created when a person brings value to the society and is basically an IOU from society. Therefore when the government taxes you more and redistributes your money. when the government prints more money. Spend more on welfare and other programs and increases the circulation of fiat money. It all leads to value of the money we all are holding to fall in value and therefore inflation. While there are so many talks about deregulation. Draining the swamp. While they say that. More than half the time I think they are making new regulations to worsen the situation. How many times I have heard the budget which I think is worse then the previous budget. I think the best solution is status quo. As in the real sense of status quo. The rules remain the same. No change in budget. No change in taxes. No change in laws. There always seem to be a new regulation or tax rules to distort the market. This way finally markets will start to move to its actual natural order. Then one day we may just hope to see our savings don’t disappear with inflation. The necessities of life may just cost next to nothing or so much in abundance that it may just be free to anyone and everyone.