M1 remit (05-12-18)

Just tried the m1 remit.

Allows you to send to bangladesh, philippines, indonesia, india, mynamar, malaysia, sri lanka, pakistan, vietnam, thailand.

Basically you create an account and use an invitation code if you have. Use mine and give me some money.


Then after that you can either choose to go to submit your documents at their branch at paragon or submit through your singpass.

After submitting you need time to get it approved. I submitted yesterday and it got approved today. Only after approval will you be able to send if not it will prompt you an error.

On approval it will send you an sms

It is also charging 2 dollar for service charge instead of like 4 dollar in which singtel dash does.

The daily limit per day is 5000

It uses axs and m axs as a payment method. So you are required to have the axs app to pay for the order. The order will also expire in 3 hours

06-12-18 update

The other day just sent and the other side complained about the name wrong. In which i called the service hotline and they will send you an email request where you fill up and change your request