Killer gourmet burgers lg-232 b & c @ midvalley megamall

They are separated into beef – crust seared, beer – grilled and chicken – grilled, chicken fried.

I ordered the double animal. It is madefrom 2x crust seared beef, mustard grilled, sharp cheddar, caramelized onions, shack sauce

The bread seems different from normally the other breads that were going with the burgers. The sauce is somewhat sourish. I guess sour goes well with the meat. The beef seems to have a multiple kind of textures in them. When you bite into it. Some parts are soft you just bite through and some parts are just chewy in your mouth. I think maybe thats because maybe some tendons are mixed into the beef patty or maybe all beef patties are like that.

There is also cherry tomatoes inside there i think those are sliced cherry tomatoes.

They made it with awesome paper. With some coating. Some of the paper you eat with the sauce just soaks through the paper and you get it leaking all over the place.

Its starting to seep already but luckily i already almost finished my burger

Also I had sweet potato fries made with sweet potato and not potato.

Overall 3/4.

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