Christmas gifts (24-12-18)

A merry Christmas to everyone. Its christmas eve today.

Its a season of giving and guess many people are wondering what is a gift for friends and family and even strangers.

Time to play some Christmas music and be in the mood for Christmas.

So here are my contribution for Christmas gifts.

Lets exclude the hand woven stuff. What the person actually wants.

A insect lamp. Especially if you always getting bitten from mosquito. Being in philippines for a while and at the country side there are lots of insects and mosquitos. A great gift for people who need it.

Chocolates. Well philippines seem be crazy about chocolates everytime i go there they ask for chocolates. I guess all sweet things will just do. Its a holiday season and I guess all diet choices are out of the window.

Superfoods. They boast to give your body minerals and nutrients to have a strong healthy body.

Massage. Alot of electric therapy gadgets are going for cheap now. So why not.

Well today I saw some sweet travel stuff. Those you can use for laundry.