Zermatt Swiss restaurant and bakery – carbonara (07-06-19)

Just beside my hotel is this posh residence with this posh restaurant so I decided to take a look and tryCarbonara served with garlic bread. You can smell the heavy smell of garlic.As you can see plenty of garlic on it. Tastes slightly sour with the taste of garlic.The taste of the Carbonara is also pretty unique. Usually it is wet but this Carbonara is dry.There are likely like grated cheese on top of the pasta.And of course black pepper as a bit of spice and flavour.(11-06-19)Went for Carbonara again. But it’s a little different this time. Its wetter with egg sauce? Also the bacon is crispy this timeDid they just squeeze 4 scoops of ice cream in there. Milky and niceSome gooey rice cake?Onion rings? Seems out of air though. Not crispy and crunchy?Ordered their weekly special. Rhum schnitzel. The smell of the food is good. The meat is tough but i have never eaten rhum schnitzel before so I don’t really have an idea how it should taste like.Potato slices with cheese and ham. Can’t really go wrong with this. Not too bad.Bread is saltish and hard crispy. Its alright.They use la grande residence guest wifi.(16-06-19)Beef bolognese. Herbs. A little meaty. The sourish tomato taste. It’s not bad but really depends if you like such a taste?Mushroom soup[wpvideo RQbLEZBn]Thick and mushroomy.(16-06-19)In time for buffet on everyday Sunday it seems but perhaps today a little special since it is father’s daySparkling alcohol? Champaign?Slightly spicy meat ballsCrispy + eggAlmond crunch in potato mash? Would like something more than instant potato mix?