x3400 M2 and hdd break down(18-07-15)

#shadow protect, #IBM x3400 M2, #LSI SR-BR10i

We were going to change the hdd of our server x3400 m2 into ssd but we had plenty of problems. It seemed that the ibm raid card didn’t accept a lot of drives. We tried WD black 2 Tb. Crucial 512 gb SSD. Transcend 512 gb SSD. Maybe its just going to accept a certain kind of drives from IBM instead of drives u can get commonly. Then we had the problem of prem raid degrade. Because we had Raid 1 on the drives we took out one of the HDD and plugged in another so it will rebuild itself but it seems that the hdd has predicated failure on it. After prem degrade we tried to use shadow protect to do data backup of the drives. The C drive was fine but the D drive was horribly wrong. It always stucked on 77%. After that we tried again with skip bad sectors options until we couldn’t take it. It was taking way too long. Then we ran a chkdsk on it. All the way from night to morning and it is still stuck at 10%. Meanwhile the other HDD that we took out from the raid is still working but it was also giving out I/O error from trying to copy the database file. But it seemed easily fixed with a chkdsk. After that had some problems again with shadow protect virtual boot. Had to find the correct verson to virtual boot with. It was a bit old and a bit lower down the list. After virtual booting we shared the d drive on the network and created a d drive virtual disk on the virtual boot machine and copied the files over. After that we had to change the network mode to bridge and set the ip address. Then it started working fine. The supermicro I had never gave me so much problems with drive compatibility and information was much easier to find. (25-07-15) Even while the disk detected as wrg type it was still capable of being detected by the server operating system.

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