Why driver’s permit / license needs to be managed by government (02-05-18)

Driving license / permit is needed to make sure that users on public road meets the standard to drive on a public road so that accidents are prevented. Vehicle registration and driving license needs to be managed by a unified body because records of the vehicle and driver’s license in case of any accidents and claims can be tracked back to the driver. I think the government is highly suitable for this task due to it requiring a few things.

  1. You know who to find. If it was free market. Who would you find to issue you a driving license? Would it be credible? Now we all know go to the respective state or country government to get but in a free market it’s might be difficult to find who
  2. Management of records. If it was free market and a company is allowed to fail and go bust. What would happen to the drivers of those who got the permit/license from those companies that went bust?


Why I think that driver’s license needs to be managed by government. You need a unified body to turn to in case of a claim/accident. If the permit and license that is issued you canno