What i think is the difference between yaron brook vs jordan peterson (11-04-18)

What I think the difference between them is that yaron brook thinks of the world in more positive light that loves guide us to do the things we do and if we are able to reason then ultimately we love our lives and other people actually bring value to our lives therefore we help them. Ultimately because no one can decide for someone else what is value in their lives. We should have laws protecting the individual and not having more laws evening out the society.

While what I think jordan peterson is about. Is he is less optimistic about life. It is more about suffering. How you live your life to have less suffering. How your actions guide yourself and others out of suffering. How concepts of afterlife retribution guide us to doing the good thing. Why isn’t the world in chaos. Why isn’t it rational to be self interested and grab whatever you can given the chance. The psychology of man. The theory of how people view things like. How when everyone is poor there is less crime then when there is the poor and the rich.