Wah lok on chinese new year eve @ ritz carlton

Frankly i am very likely to rate restaurants low on chinese new year eve reunion dinner because usually they are rushed and food is rarely good. If I am going for a real review I would be eating on days other than public holidays and holiday eve.

abit too sour?

Using lobster instead of salmon. I prefer the salmon though

Carrot soup with sharkfin dumpling

Dumpling wrapping is made out of egg white

Inside is all the sharkfin

Salted egg prawn, pretty normal?

The fish is most certainly chewy. Not bad.

Roasted pig. Crispy skin. Slightly hot. Also fatter than what we order for our house. But i think just normal. My brother also says last time skin and meat was separated and we all agree it tastes better than the current way it is. But lamented on lack of manpower and the way they choose to do it now.

It is very chewy and is rumoured to be fish meat noodles. I really wonder. Last time i ate fish noodle it was more q though

Overall 2/5

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