Value of money (13-01-18)

Happy new year everyone. I know its a little late.

When I go over to other countries and I say things are cheap then my friend says you have to compare it to their currency for example malaysia. So malaysia ringgit is 3 to singapore 1 dollar. But I said prices there are still not 3 times cheaper than singapore. Also when I go philippines my dad says how much money I spent there. How much bigger our money used here is to there.

For me I just think how much value is it to me then how big money is here compared to there. After all you only live once. To me if I could stay in a no star hotel in singapore for 150 dollars and I can stay a 3 star hotel in malaysia for the same price. Why does it bother me that I have spent 120 dollars for a better comfort. Its the cheaper but I got more for it.

2nd part of more of me on a business perspective. Why I want to invest overseas when compared to singapore is because money is bigger there. Tell me to save day by day to something huge is difficult because I am not such a person. Instead I buy insurance and tend to want to invest small portions of money here and there. So buying a property here in singapore is really really expensive but its different when I go to the philippines. Your small portion of money will let u slowly let u rent and build something there.

What I want to end with is this. The value of money is up to you. To you how much is it worth. Not how big the money is to others.