Restoring dmp file using oracle sql developer (13-04-18)

Was trying to test some dmp file for recovery so I tried installing oracle database. I tried using 10 and 12. The dmp file was made in 10 and could load in 10 but didn’t work allowed importing on 12. I tried the express edition which gave me an error. Also tried sql developer which I find is really a pain. Trying to import in a database from dmp is an absolute pain. When I was using ms sql or mysql I could easily import in my database via browse. But when I try to import into my dmp file. I thought I could just right click the database or something to import but boy was I so wrong. Had to go to views>dba>data pump. Sometimes the window didn’t even came out. If you can’t try reseting the windows,

then go back to view>dba again.

Then I can’t browse the file. I had to copy the dmp file into the data_pump_dir which wasn’t even clear where the directory was. Toad for oracle seems to be slightly easier to import.

Go to data pump>import wizard

dump directory should be here but don’t take my word for it.

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