Upgrading Epbrowser version (18-03-16)

Often times we over estimate and find we are unable to accomplish what we have set out to accomplish. Yesterday was suppose to update epbrowser version from 7.12 to 7.8 but we ended up at 7.5 which isn’t a problem. Just something to take a small note on. It seems like the time to update the server database took a lot longer than expected. Maybe even the update script had a little hiccup and needed human intervention. Wasn’t able to do day end closing but it was expected. The update seems to work in the background even though the application was no started. Sure the computer needed to be on but I suppose that you do not need to be in the epb application. After updating it doesn’t go into the epb application itself you will need to close whatever status screen you are getting and re open the epb application.

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