Tsuta japanese soba noodles – singapore funan (30-06-19)

Cold wheat tea.They told me soba noodles cannot be added after ordering somewhat.

Char siu ajitama shoyu soba. One of their signatures.

Can smell the truffle oil.

There isn’t much soup. Truffle oil soup?

The egg is pretty good. As it is flavoured egg. Some places just have the normal egg. Add on is 1.80

From the looks of it. I am pretty sure it is going to taste good. Thin cut. With fats around the meat.As expected the charsiu is good.

The noodles one bite and it breaks. I suppose the texture tastes a little unique? From the rest of the noodles I have tasted. I suppose maybe because it is soba noodles?

Pretty good? 3 to 4 stars out of 5?