Top 3 Secure solutions for data backups and syncs for a Start-up!!

In this era of technological advancement, what is the most precious thing? Yup, you made a very good guess. DATA!!

Data that we posses are very precious in its own way and securing your data should be in your high priory list. Securing your data does not just mean securing it from hackers, data thefts etc. We agree with you that it can be part of the reasons but not the only reason. Let us show you an example to make things more clear.

Imagine a situation in which you are having a software running in your system that does the medical analysis and record keeping of the patients data. That particular computer has been with you for the last 10 years. It has processed and stored information of more than 365 patients. Suddenly, there is a spark in the computer and it stops functioning. You being an experienced professional, understand the urgent requirement of the system failure analysis. You are informed by the system administrator that the computer which was responsible for the record keeping and medical analysis of patients has an unrecoverable hard disk failure. WOW!!

You are in hell of a situation. Was your system a victim of a hack? No, it just crashed. Your whole business depended on it. Fortunately, you had your system backed up. You buy a new hard disk recopy your system and you are good to go. It definitely took some time and additional cost but at least your business survived. What if you were never taking a back up !!! We bet you do not even want you imagine that situation.

In the title, we have used the term start up just because backup and syncing is a huge field to explore and describe. In this article we will analyze the best five back up and syncing solution providers for an organization of 30 to 35 people.

Criteria of solution selection

While deciding the top five solutions we have kept some very important criteria in our minds. Following are those:

Ease of use for a backup and sync solutions:

The first and foremost important thing that we felt should never be overlooked is the ease of implementing the working solution. It would be a waste if we enrol for a service and then, just to implement that system and make it work, we have to hire a tech team which charges you a lot.

Cost of back up and sync solutions:

How can we forget this? This is one of the criteria we have seen before suggesting you. We believe that sending the data to cloud should be thrice less costly than having a backup server at your location. We have also taken into consideration the situation in which software could reduce the need of a cloud system. It is fully a personal choice of the decision maker.

Security, privacy and reliability of backup and sync solutions:

What good can it be if we are not sure that the data we are sending and storing on cloud is going to be used by your competitors? It would be like searching for a thief in your neighbourhood, finding him, paying him and making sure that he steals your precious things from your home. Our whole idea has been to provide you the most reliable sources of data storage. Once the data is in there, you can be confident enough to burn down your offices and still make sure that you have your data safe.

Support by back up and sync solution providers:

All these things are computers; it is possible that sometimes you might come up with some errors. It can also be possible that you might need an extension in the plans that you are currently using. We have personally seen industries requiring custom solution or some tweaks in the plans that they are currently having. A customer friendly support is very important part for business to business model and business to customer model.

The top 3 services review

Finally, the part you have been waiting for. Top 3 solutions for the sync and back up.


We would love to put this service in this form- Sync+ simplify. I do not know whether the makers of this software thought about this while naming it. This solution is provided by a company named Arevainna. They are an IT consulting firm as well. We are willing to bet positively on their capabilities after using this product. We believe that they have to be really good in what they are doing to come up with a product like this.

Few noteworthy points of this software is that it is capable of a self hosted environment. By self hosted we mean it can back up all the data to the file backup server that you have in your organization. Thus for all those control freaks who would never let the data go out of the organization can use this software. They seem to charge just 50$ per user. The software comes with a self signed SSL certificate to make sure the data is accessible through HTTPS and is still secure.

This solution uses AES encryption. So any data that is transferred two and fro will always be encrypted. You can use this software to sync n number of folders on different client to you private enterprise cloud. The files will be accessible from any computer that has access to internet making it perfect for your private cloud implementation. It supports two way syncing i.e. if you want all the system connected to the cloud to have a new updated file you have to just change the file on the server and all the client will be synced with the latest version. You can use this software to schedule the sync and back up process as well. It is capable of working very closely with the windows schedule task functionality. This article cannot cover all the features that the software has. This solution has the capability of incremental back up i.e. only those portions of the file are synced which are updated thus saving the precious bottle necks.


This solution is easy to install, easy to deploy, easy to manage and super flexible. It works on windows, mac and linux(run,deb and rpm available). The installer is just 3 clicks, with sane defaults, and can even be deployed via Active Directory. The backups are deduped and cached locally before uploading to the cloud, and restores are fast because it will restore from local cache first. It also has the option of backing up concurrently to a separate local(which can be on the network) storage location and will restore from there before restoring from the cloud. Backups are searchable and can be AES256 encrypted. For larger deployments, its even possible to run the storage portion on-premise instead of backing up to IASO’s cloud storage. And the licensing scheme is simple: unlimited. There is no need to keep track of licenses, installs or subscriptions. IASO bills by the amount of storage used(that is, after dedupe), usually monthly, starting at $1/gb/month.


A solution provided by EMC. This is on the third spot as it is not very well known. It’s a bit costly than the earlier solution. This solution provides a complete cloud back up. The pricing is based fully on the amount of data that you would be using. The plan starts from 9.99 per month. In the basic plan the amount of storage space that you get is 10GB. If you are interested in reselling this solution they have even that provision. They call it the mozy authorized reseller program. They have recently completed the SOC 1 SSAE 16 Type 2 audit and received ISO 27001 certification. This symbolises military grade security of the solution that they provide. They say that they are 2 times faster with their complete solution with their servers.

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