To take over family / parent’s business (13-11-18)

Been in argument with dad over the business. He says that the business is left for me but the business is losing money and he blames me for it. But he is doing all the decisions. I also do not want to get in with an argument with him. He says that the business is going to leave to me and that is why he is working so hard. While he says I am not doing anything but there is nothing I can do because everything that I try to help with get shut down and overwritten. And that is when I go into the internet to do a little research to give me opinion on such an issue. To take over family business? To help or just to do what you are told to do?

The opinion online varies. While you don’t need to build the company from scratch there are also many complications that follow.

One of the major problem is the disagreement in the family.

While some post talk about the definition of jobs and roles. There are still some fundamental problems.

When your parents / elders pull their seniority on you.

I think unless you like to have arguments on running the business do not take up the business unless roles and responsibilities are properly drawn and defined.

The reasons for this is because you will be unable to control ur parents/elders and you will be at fault even though its probably impossible to really point out what is the problem because there are too many parties involved in the decision.

It will also be difficult for the workers as if you made a decision and it was overwritten by your parents/elders.