Tim oh wan (26-06-19)

Seems to have that beef soup taste without the usually spiciness that comes along with it

The noodles are thin and chewy.

Meat wise is tender.

Too fine grinded like machine grind?Don’t think it was too good for the radish cake.The chee cheong fan. The sauce gave a bit of the bitter taste? Seems to have enough char siu. Overall taste is OK?

Po luo bao? Alright. The bread was pretty fragrant.

Was alright? But char siu over powering?

Seems to be filled with a big prawn inside. Not bad.Thick. Milky. Strong taste of tea but astringent quite common among Hong Kong milk tea. Not too sweet. They said they added 2 tea spoon of sugar for normal. Less one tea spoon for less sugar. Then there is also a no sugar option.